To register for the event, you need to choose the category: BASIC/BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE or ADVANCED & PROFESSIONAL.
Please fill out the registration form accordingly and pay the registration fee via PayPal.
In order to promote, exchange cultural experiences, update knowledge and spread the art of tap dance, organizers and sponsors set a quite reasonable price for such a prominent event, precisely at this unexpected times the whole world is going through
The registration fee per category: BASIC/BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE or ADVANCED & PROFESSIONAL, is R$ 300.00 (three hundred reais, brazilian currency) - approximately US$ 55.
For other countries, the amount will be converted into the local currency.
*The organizers do not advise enrolling in more than one category, because there might be overlapping classes.
Immediately after paying for the registration fee via PayPal, you will receive an email from Christiane Matallo, creator and organizer of the event - contatochrismatallo@gmail.com
During your registration, you will create your individual password, which you will use to access the classes. After accessing it, regardless of the device (computer, cell phone, tablet etc.), the system will identify your user and block any other access attempt while you are connected.
Classes, courses, live broadcasts and shows will only be available at scheduled times.
The organizers shall not be liable for your access status or Internet connection. After the registration, the category cannot be changed (Basic/Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced & Professional).
Classes, courses and the entire schedule of the event will be disclosed in local Brazilian time, but all participants, from all countries, will find information about the daily schedule on the Brasil International Tap Festival Online website. When accessing courses and classes, a countdown clock will mark the beginning. So everyone can plan ahead and attend different time zones.
Classes will be recorded in english or, portuguese with subititles. .
Live broadcasts will be in English and free of charge for all participants (for the three categories; Basic/Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced & Professional). For that end, invitations and instructions for installing applications such as Zoom, Vimeo, Instagram pages and others will be sent.
If there are any delays between the streaming signal and its receipt, it is due to Internet latency at the time of the event.
The Online Platform for the Brazil International Tap Festival that will be used for viewing courses, classes and presentations is accessed via web browser (access link to the exhibition hall).
Registrations cannot be canceled and amounts will not be returned for any other reason than whether organizers fail to comply with the rules set forth in these Regulations.
Organizers of the Brazil Online International Tap Festival shall not be liable for copyrights of photos, audio, music or video uploaded by participants of Online events / Live Broadcasts or of videos submitted for exhibitions.
Regulations for registration in the Tap Kids and Tap Show exhibitions can be found on the registration page on the Festival website.
*Note: Organizers of the Brazil Online International Tap Festival states that, if the broadcasting is prevented due to climatic adversities, general Internet failure at the broadcasting location or on any other compelling grounds, courses or classes taking place at such times will be rescheduled and broadcast afterwards.


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