Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Festival registration fee cost?

The registration fee is R$ 300.00 (three hundred reais), in Brazilian currency, (approximately 55 dollars). This amount is automatically converted to your local currency, according to the exchange rate of the Brazilian currency at the time of payment via PayPal.

What does the registration include?

It includes all live streams, shows that will take place during the 7 days of the Festival, as well as classes and courses, according to the category you choose: Basic / Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced & Professional.
Important: the registration applies to one of the categories.
We do not recommend that you enroll in more than one category, because classes may overlap and you will have to choose one of them.

How do I register for the Brazil International Tap Festival?

It is quite simple: go to the Festival website https://brasiltapfestival.online, then click on “Register here”, choose the category, fill in the form, create your password to access the platform, then click on “Register”. Wait for the PayPal payment window to open.
Note: memorize your registration password. It will be used to access the platform to attend classes, courses, etc.

Who is eligible to register?

Tap Dance is a very democratic festival and anyone can register. All you have to do is choose the category that best suits you: Basic/Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced & Professional.

Does the registration gives access to the shows and live streams?

Yes, the registration ensures your access to the live streams and shows. However, if you want to participate by submitting your own presentation or improvising at Tap Jam, you need to register on the website https://brasiltapfestival.online by clicking on “SHOWS” to access the regulation, check the deadlines and fill out the Registration Form. Spots are imited.

In which category should I enroll?

Assess your Tap Dance learning stage or experience and then choose one of three categories: Basic/Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced & Professional.

Where can I find the schedule for classes and courses?

On the Festival website https://brasiltapfestival.online, you will find the Schedule for each category, for each day of the event, to take place from November 9 to 15.
Note: Classes will stream live every day in the official Brazilian time, between 9 am and 7 pm.
*for countries with great time differences, the Festival will make available the program in Australia time, always starting with live streams at 8 p.m. in Brazil (10 a.m. in Australia), with classes taking place afterwards.

Where can I access classes and courses?

Classes will feature on the Festival platform, according to the schedule found on the website https://brasiltapfestival.online
Your password created on the Registration Form will be used to access classes and courses. The system will recognize your password and block any other access while you are connected. 

Will the Festival offer a certificate?

The Festival will not issue certificates this year because its 21st edition will take place exceptionally online.

In which languages will classes and courses be provided?

Classes will be recorded in english or, in portuguese with subtitles. Live streams, Shows, Tap Jam, etc., will be in one of both languages (Portuguese or English).

What are the rules for video recording?

Videos must be recorded with the camera or cell phone in horizontal, and should have good resolution, focus and lighting. We suggest FHD or FHD resolution (60fps).

What is the maximum video length? And the minimum?

Videos for Tap Kids and Tap Show should not exceed 4’ (four minutes).
We do not set a minimum length.

How do I upload my video?

Videos can be uploaded on YouTube, Dropbox, WeTransfer or another file sharing website of your choice, and then the link for publication must be sent along with your Registration Form, available for download.
Note: Check the deadlines for submission and regulations on the website https://brasiltapfestival.online

Can videos be uploaded on platforms like Youtube?

Yes. You can upload your videos on YouTube or any other platform of your choice and the link created after the publication must be sent along with your Registration Form, available for download.

Can I upload more than 1 video?

Yes, you can upload more than one video. However, you must create a link and fill out a Registration Form for each video.

How many dancers can there be in the video?

We have not set the number of dancers per video. However, at least 50% of the dancers must be registered in one of the Festival Programs (Basic/Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced & Professional).
Note: After the judges select the submitted videos, the chosen dancers will receive a payment link for the participation fee, which is R$ 30.00 per dancer (approximately US$ 5 dollars).

What about copyrights?

Please check the legislation in your home country. Background music must be properly released and documented, as the Festival takes no responsibility for copyright.
Failure to submit the license to use the song will prevent the participation, if the video is selected by the judges.

How long does it take for my video to be examined?

Results will be announced on October 5 on the Festival website. Selected dancers will have until October 15 to complete the registration by paying the fee per participant and sending the music pieced to be used, duly licensed and documented.

What are the deadlines for submitting the video?

September 20th is the deadline for registration for Tap Kids and Tap Show.
Registration can only be made on the website https://brasiltapfestival.online by filling out the Registration Form and sending the link to the video (choreography), also on the form.

How do I register for the Festival?

1st Step: Access the website https://brasiltapfestival.online
2nd Step: Click in “REGISTER HERE”
3rd Step: Choose your category: Basic/Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced & Professional.
4th Step: Fill out the form, create your password and save it, as it will be used to access classes and courses.
5th Step: Make payment via PayPal. Payment confirmation will be sent to the email you registered.
6th Step: Stay tuned about the schedule of classes and courses by category, as well as live streams, shows, etc. The website will be constantly updated.
Note: Participants will be invited to participate in Telegram groups, where they will receive information on the schedule, website updates, live streams and notifications of the schedule for different time zones.


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